This Pig Latin is Incorrect


There is a major error in the whole lesson. I’ve been speaking pig latin for about 65 years. The rules are:
If the first letter is a vowel, you do not remove it. You just add the ‘ay’ to the end. For example,
‘elephant’ would become ‘elephantay’, not ‘lephanteay’.

There are 2 approaches that can be used if the word begins with a consonant. You can strip off the first letter
and add it at at the end as in the lesson, e.g. ‘dog’ becomes ‘ogday’.
But what happens if the word starts with 2 consonants or more? For example, in the usual method
‘llama’ would become ‘lamalay’. Some speakers will strip off all leading consonants and add them with
the ‘ay’ at the end, with ‘llama’ becoming ‘amallay’.

Why is my Translator Not Changing the Word?

Pretty sure the lesson is meant to showcase how Python can be used to manipulate data, not a literal method of translating into pig Latin.