This passed, not sure if I did it correctly. 11/30


Hey, I used the code as seen below. It let me pass but I felt like there was something missing. If so, could you tell me what I missed?
Thanks in advance!

function Person(name, age) { = name;
this.age = age;

// Let's make bob again, using our constructor
var bob = new Person ("Bob Smith", 30);
var susan = new Person ("Susan Jordan", 35);

// make your own class here
function Circle (radius) {
this.radius = radius;


its perfectly fine, why do you feel like you are missing something? This exercise, you just create an object

in programming, when doing something, the result doesn't always have to be visible directly

i mean, you don't see the foundation of a skyscraper (which is underground), but its still very important to keep the tower from collapsing. Same with code, not all code produces output, but can be very important to keep the service running


I see, I see. Thank you for your explanation! :slight_smile:

I thought something was missing due to in the previous exercises having to print out things with console.log


you're welcome.


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