This Next Part is Key


Oops, try again. Check to make sure you spelled the key strings correctly

i suppost to print the two other strings in "residents" and i don't know what to do here..

# Assigning a dictionary with three key-value pairs to residents:
residents = {'Puffin' : 104, 'Sloth' : 105, 'Burmese Python' : 106}

print residents['Puffin']# Prints Puffin's room number
print residents['sloth']
print residents[ 'Burmese Python']


Hello @systemplayer29607,

try putting "Sloth" with a capital S.


thank you very much !


No worries, @systemplayer29607. If you feel my answer was satisfactory, then please leave it as the solution. Keep coding hard :laughing:!


you may also use this.
print residents['Puffin'], residents['Sloth'], residents['Burmese Python']