"This Next Part is Key" - 'dict' object is not callable


Well, that's exactly what it says.

My solution for "This Next Part is Key" would be:

print residents ['Sloth'] residents ['Burmese Python']

And then it tells me that the dict object is not callable.

What shall I do?


could you present the full code which you are using.....??

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Is print residents ['Sloth'] residents ['Burmese Python'] all on one line?

I did it like this instead:

print residents['Puffin']
print residents['Sloth']

and it worked fine for me.


We can only print on one line if we group the items in a comma separated list or tuple...

print (residents['Sloth'], residents['Burmese Python'])

Be sure not to include white space between the identifier and the subscript block...