This Looks like a Job for


I Passed the lesson but I’m curious as to what the python:1: SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module
is indicating?

Heres what the consle prints out

python:1: SyntaxWarning: import * only allowed at module level

class Employee(object):
  """Models real-life employees!"""
  def __init__(self, employee_name):
    self.employee_name = employee_name

  def calculate_wage(self, hours):
    self.hours = hours
    return hours * 20.00

class PartTimeEmployee(Employee):
  def calculate_wage(self, hours):
    self.hour = hours
    return hours * 12 
  def full_time_wage(self, hours):
    return super(PartTimeEmployee, self).calculate_wage(hours)
milton = PartTimeEmployee("Milton")

print milton.full_time_wage(10)


this seems to be cause by codecademys validation of the exercise, if you really want to know, python has a section about warnings:


Oh i understand now i find the interpreter on here can be a little buggy at times. sometimes i will type and nothing will show up at all.
Thanks Mate :slight_smile:


Thanks, it helped me too! :slight_smile: Have a nice day


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