This looks like a job for... someone who can explain when self should be used

this looks like a job for....

Oops, try again. Your code raised an exception, have a look at the console window for the error message!
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python", line 24, in
File "python", line 21, in full_time_wage
TypeError: calculate_wage() takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)

I expected it to work, But it apparently does not need the self in the arguments in calculate_wage of the full_time_employee method. I am just wondering why it is not needed? because in the calculate wage method in employee it does need the self augment. It works fine if i dont have the self augment.

class Employee(object):
    """Models real-life employees!"""
    def __init__(self, employee_name):
        self.employee_name = employee_name

    def calculate_wage(self, hours):
        print hours #debug
        self.hours = hours
        print hours #debug
        print self.hours*20.00 #debug
        return hours * 20.00

# Add your code below!
class PartTimeEmployee(Employee):
    def calculate_wage(self, hours):
        return hours*12.00
    def full_time_wage(self,hours):
        return super(PartTimeEmployee, self).calculate_wage(self,hours)


Okay, I think I understand super already calls self. So when you super calculate wage you already defined the first augment. so when you use super its actually


so when it calls the parents method its going to actually be




The object that a method is called on is implicitly added as the first argument (otherwise you would be mentioning that value twice, or it would just be a function where you explicitly include the object in the arguments)


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