This lesson


This lesson is quite ■■■■■■■■. just putting it out there.


Critique is much more useful if you could elaborate on what you think is the problem.


Can you post your code! Programming can get furstrating some times but we all get through it :smile:


I think that since this whole thing is designed to teach. More detail in errors would be nice. Links to more in-depth explanations would help as well. Reiterative instruction is always more helpful to some of us that are a bit more dense than others. Think about teaching a fifth grader this material, how would you present the information? Just leave out the bunnies and duckies. LOL

Also, though Codecademy has made vast improvements in console test board software. I still, far more often than "not", some false flag errors, thus resulting in a need to reload the page before the exercise can be rendered "correctly completed".


There are currently efforts to revamp the course. So maybe things will change in the near future.


I understand that the site is always under 'improvements'. I was just pointing out somethings to focus on.