This lesson is bad


The lesson refers to var.length as a method. It's not a method it's a value. It does not clearly explain what it wants you to do with a confusing loop structure and it lets code pass through that does not meet its' requirements. I think it should be overhauled.


I understand your frustration with the coding, it is hard to understand at a lot of times and takes a certain passion. If you'd like we can help you understand the lessons in greater detail but we'd need to know what lesson you're on specifically, as well as what you tried on the lesson. Maybe it's as simple as how you're looking at it. I've had problems with these lessons too, but they were just problems with me, and not so much anything wrong with the lesson. Take a little bit to breath and try it again. I know you can get it! :+1:


I am able to solve this easily on my own. I mean that it is a bad teaching device. The loop structure here is awkward and ill explained.


Well if you have any suggestions on how to improve the lessons please let us know and we'll take them into consideration! :+1:


I advise you to not refer to a value call as a method or function. I know that they are functionally the same thing in this context but can be confusing for new developers in the future. I have other thoughts on this but won't be able to get to them today.