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I have many things in Bold in my text and it asked me to add atleast one more so I did, but it is not letting me submit the code??

Replace this line with your code. 

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title> <em style="font-size:40px"> Quenton </em></title>
	<body> <img src=""/></body>
	<p style="color:blue">I'm a 17 year old male and from St.peterserg Florida</p>
	<ul> <strong style="font-size:20px; font-family:italic">Interest </strong>
		<li> <strong style="color:red">coding</strong></li>
		<li style="color:red">eating</li>
		<li style="color:red">video games</li>
	<ol> <strong style="font-size:20px; font-family:italic">Jobs </strong> 
	    <li style="color:orange">Mcdonalds</li>
	    <li style="color:orange"> mowing the lawn</li>
	    <li> <strong style="color:orange"> School</strong></li> </ol>
	<ul> <strong style="font-size:20px; font-family:italic">Fav Movies </strong>
	    <li> <strong style="color:green">Good Will Hunting</strong></li>
	    <li style="color:green">Tarzan</li>
	    <li> <strong style="color:green">Catch Me If You Can</stong></li> </ul>
	<strong style="font-size:20px; font-famil:italic">Where I've Lived </strong>
	    <li style="color:purple">Oklahoma</li>
	    <li> <strong style="color:purple">Florida</strong></li>
	    <li style="color:purple">Tennesee</li> </ul>


Remove style Attribute from strong tag.

just use



I'm not sure what @rcodeman is saying but, I'm having a problem on this question as well, this is what I have written:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <img src=""/>
            <p style="font-family:Impact; font-size:60px;background-color:red">I am a boss!I am the Miner_Minecrafter!And MINECRAFT is EPIC!!!</p>
                        <li>Talking to my friends!</li>
                        <li>Westminster academy student</li>
                        <li>To finally make my own game!</li>



and it comes out like this:


I am a boss!I am the Miner_Minecrafter!And MINECRAFT is EPIC!!!

  • Interests

    1. Minecraft!

    2. Coding!

    3. Talking to my friends!

  • Jobs

    • Westminster academy student

    • Progremmer

    • To finally make my own game!



is this working now????


rcodeman I had been fidling around and I figured it out, I had a bunch of open tags, but yes this did help.


Its not working...Does it work for you?


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