This is my result from a"Case Study on Creating Marketing Assets With Generative AI" project

Hello all. I would appreciate any feedback with regard to my “Generative AI” project. I have used ChatGPT on a number of occasions, and have found it to be really helpful with assisting me with hashing out thoughts, or finding the correct tone for an interaction. Below you will find the questions and prompts from my ChatGPT thread. The linked images were generated with Midjourney, as I prefer the results from this source.

My task was to a marketing campaign for a ficticious beverage company name “VitaFruit Elixir”. I was tasked with the job of creating copy for their website, ( About Us, Description of the company, description of their four main flavors). I was also tasked with creating a marketing campaign strategy in order to engage customers through social media, and merchandising. Visual representation was the final addition to bringing this brand to life. The embedded images are examples of what the beverage bottles for each flavor could be. The goal was also to present a consistent style and vibe with the look of the brand. The colors, and fruit motif were maintained to show a complimentary flow with website background, billboard, and logo.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.