This is my Portfolio Project

I made it with React + Vite.

Any feedback is welcome! Thanks!


Hi, Lucas!

I really enjoy the retro vibe of your portfolio. I do have two small comments to make.

I noticed that there was a small spelling error here with “designing.” But also, the phrasing here may come across a little awkward. Perhaps it could read, “My passion for videogames has led me to designing this retro-style portfolio,” or even, “My passion for videogames inspired this retro-style portfolio.”


Second, the font-family is cool and matches the theme. One thing to keep in mind is that the “blockiness” may impact readability for some users. Here is an example of how letter-spacing may assist with readability.

Without letter-spacing:

1px letter-spacing:

2px letter-spacing:

The change may seem small, but I think it significantly improves readability.

On a side note, I noticed that you have text-aligned: justified. On smaller screens, letter-spacing will cause the text to super justify. This is just a small thing to remember as justified text can also negatively impact readbility. :slight_smile:

Awesome portfolio!

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Thanks for the feedback! In these days I’ll make those changes♥

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