This is my Portfolio Project - Please tell me what you think!

I would love to know hat everyone thinks of my portfolio page and the recipes website within!



Look really cool. I love the transitions.

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Very impressive - enjoyed the meatloaf recipe! Thank you for sharing!

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Cool but it could have been more impressive if the transitions would rather be smooth and avoid them changing instantly, maybe set the transition duration to 2s or some certain duration…as long as it has some time


That was really great! Very creative and the interactive bit was fun!

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I appreciate the feedback. Could you tell me exactly which transitions you’re referring to? Feel free to respond with a screenshot.


Thanks for the feedback! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Awesome thank you for enjoying!

Thanks for the comment! :+1:

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I REALLY like this! It’s very appealing to the eye and makes me want to click on everything.

The recipe box is literally chef’s kiss no pun intended. It’s looks very professional and is very helpful. Again, it is very appealing to the eye. REALLY well done.

One thing that is kind of annoying is that whenever you click on the recipe box it always opens the page up in a new tab which is a little bit annoying. It would be nice if it just opened up a new page on the same tab, and on the new page is like a home button or something like that.

I really like this portfolio and inspires me to make my own! Great job! :smiley:

Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it!


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Hi. I’m new to Codeacademy’s Front End Web Developer track. I like the idea that your project looks like a cook book. Makes me hungry just looking at it.

I have a few suggestions:
Firstly, the fact that you’ve omitted the seafood section is a littler underwhelming; perhaps an image of a sea captain out fishing or catching shrimp and a title of “Out with the captain sampling dinner” might be a little more on the nose.

Second: I like the idea of having transitions, but the transitions are a little too fast. I’d set them slower, and if you could remain on the content page for about 10 seconds to give someone the chance to read the item I think that would help.

Third: The pictures, I like the shadows, but they feel a little to sharp on the edges. Also the pictures are a little too close to the boarder.


Thank you, I appreciate the points you make in your feedback


excellent work. Gud job mate

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Hey, I’m going to go kind of in-depth here. Please take everything with several grains of salt as I’m very inexperienced. Also, please forgive me if I’m very direct; I certainly don’t wish to offend.

First of all, I really dig it. The bubbles are whimsical and cheerful, and there aren’t so many of them that the whole page is overwhelming. I might include social media links (just the icons) way down below the green line at the bottom or something else that is quite small to take up that space.

The first thing my eye was drawn to was your profile picture. It adds a nice touch. I like the smile and the cat is great, but I have to be honest, you look kind of stoned. Again, just my opinion. I like the transition when you click quite a lot. Nice blurb but the second paragraph has a bit of a run-on sentence.

Another grammar thing is the inconsistency in capitalization for the names when you hover over the bubbles. I would either go all lowercase, or make ‘about me’ and the “my” in ‘my Recipe Box’ uppercase.

Sammy Seal needs more variation in my opinion. I keep refreshing and only really get 3 images and there isn’t much else to do. Even just taking the same images, flipping them and adding the mirrored images in addition to the current ones would help some.

16.8 million color part doesn’t do much for me. It’s kind of boring and overly simplistic. If you’re going to keep it, maybe throw in an easter egg of some kind when it’s clicked more than 5 or 10 times where something happens. That would kind of justify your label of 'the more you click it, the more fun it is…"

Recipe Box - awesome! Love it! Might consider changing the tag ‘Amber approved’ to ‘girlfriend approved’ or whoever she is to you. Don’t get rid of it though, it’s great. I agree with another poster that ‘seafood’ needs to say something other than under construction. Maybe make it go away for now until it’s done and move the “Secrets” tab over so it doesn’t look like an outcast.

I’m definitely going to try some of those recipes, they look fantastic and you put a lot of effort into showcasing them. Thank you.

That’s all I have for now. Keep up the good work, my man!!

Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. I will certainly reevaluate some aspects.

  • I’m sure I was. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: At the time it was the best, most current PG selfie I had that wasn’t from a dating profile. I recently got a haircut though and have some more professional headshots planned.
  • This is a great idea and I will certainly work on it. My girlfriend (yes, Amber :slight_smile: ) also suggested something like it could change the site’s color theme.

Really appreciate the feedback. Certainly some things to think about. :vulcan_salute:

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