This is KEY


This is my code

webster = {
	"Aardvark" : "A star of a popular children's cartoon show.",
    "Baa" : "The sound a goat makes.",
    "Carpet": "Goes on the floor.",
    "Dab": "A small amount."

# Add your code below!
for Carpet in webster
print webster[Carpet]

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Heres the error:
File "python", line 9
for Carpet in webster
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I don't know whats wrong plz help


at the end of your for loop there should be the colon, and then the line below should be indented so the print statement is inside the for loop


You are missing a colon in your for-in loop.

try adding the colon like below and you should be good to go:

for carpet in webster:
    print webster[carpet]

hope this helps :-)

Edit: if you saw before the edit, forgive me haha