This Is Jeopardy Project: Lambda not selecting the df as expected


I’m stuck in the 5th requirement of this project

I have seen and understood the official solution. Just don’t quite get it why mine doesn’t work.

Here is my code for the complete project

I’ve copied the part I don’t understand as well. Would like to know what’s wrong with mine.

My code:

jeopardy_reformatted_copy[‘values as floats’]=jeopardy_reformatted_copy.apply(lambda row:float(row[‘Value’][-(len(row[‘Value’])-1):].replace(“,”,“”)),axis=1)


jeopardy_reformatted_copy[“Float Value”] = jeopardy_reformatted_copy[“Value”].apply(lambda x: float(x[1:].replace(‘,’,‘’)) if x != “None” else 0)

Thanks a lot!:smiley: