This is broken


Obviously the tools behind this exercise are broken. The preview window shows an error "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' on line 12"

If the preview window is set to full-screen, the expected output is displayed. Switching out of full-screen mode returns to the unexpected ; message. EVEN if there is no line 12.

The previous CSS is still open in the editor (with the .coin division) Deleting that does not improve the situation.

I see that many people here have written valid while loops, but the editor/.interpreter rejects them, or hangs. I know that getting a simulator like this working in a browser (Chrome in my case) is hard, but it seems that many reports have been submitted and no action has been taken to check them properly.

Admittedly, many of the posts about this section are vague.


No comment from CodeAcademy on this or many other error reports in the same exercise.

The web-tool is broken. Let me know if you ever fix it so I can return. Your mission statement says "Education is broken". But not as broken as this!


I've got the same problem. Using chrome.

Editor tells me that "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' on line 12" even when I remove all text from the editor.

I put all of the correct code into a html file and it works fine yet the editor stalls when I try to submit. It's very broken right now.


This is also a problem to me.Every time I have to ctrl+R so that it would debug and it brings me back to a single letter of a variable.It's just annoying.Please fix this Codecademy!


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