This is are basic and most likely been covered but i can find a satisfactory workable answer/


Where can i find a site or application that lets me write and test code similar to the way codecademy allows you too? Im looking fora site or app where i can test the code after every line by hitting a button or something similar. I need to check the code so often because at this very basic level a comma or a simple operator in the wrong place could be the issue. I would assume if codecademy can make a code editor and a console to check your lessons then there must be a way to write and check code the same way without using codecademy tutorilas website.

1-Notepad++, well that is great for writing code but has no console to check your code like codecademy allows you to.

2- Visual studio is even better for writing code but how do you run the code? It looks like a wonderful program but why is there not a simple ‘run’ button?

3- Chrome developer tools console is not any good for the job either. its only good for checking a quick line not for an entire code.

CODEPEN seems very good and may just be what i am looking for, so is there any more apps you can advise me to try that are similar to CODEPEN.

Thank you


It would depend really on what language it is that you’re using.

I don’t think any of the languages that you can learn on Codecademy need to be compiled, so you wouldn’t need Visual Studio or something like that.

Codepen is, as far as I know, really only geared up for testing web stuff - HTML, CSS and JS. If that’s all you’re interested in, then great.

If you’re working with something else, like Python or Ruby, you might consider using as they have a similar setup to the Codecademy learning environment - code editor on one side, console on the other - and can accommodate more languages than Codepen seem to.

Hope that helps.


Yes javascript i shwat i am using i can believe i didnt write that sorry.

I would also like to know how i can run my javascript code as if i was a user, so i could use the actual program not just see the results in a console.

If i had a finished product and wanted to to use the app how would i execute it as an actual program How do i make my program usable? because at the moment the only way i can use the convertor is by editing the actual code and seeing the results in the console. I want to make it so my friends can use it for example.

i hope im making sense, sorry!


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