This is absolute garbage


I moved on to section 6 of unit 3 and typed the code like it told me to and said it was wrong. So I went and checked section 5 and hit save and submit and now it is telling me this section was done wrong and it earlier said that I had it right. I made no changes. This is rubbish.


I have the same problems unfortunately


Coding is all about solving problems. Maybe you are being forced to take this course by your school, in which case I'm sorry for you. In any case, in real life, no one will appreciate working on a team with someone who rants when there is a problem.

Having a good description of the problem greatly increases the chances of finding a solution.

To troubleshoot exercise 6, the following information is required:

  • the exact error message
  • the head element from the index.html file (not the whole file)
  • the entire main.css file

You will find a code formatting button on the editor's toolbar, it looks like this: </>.

ps. Don't show us your code with a screenshot because then no one will be able to copy/paste your code to test it.