This error message makes no sense


So heres my exact code right now
// Declare your variables here!
var programming = false

var happy = function() {
// Add your if/else statement here!
if (programming = !false) {
return !true
else {
return !false
the error message i get is
It looks like your happy function returns false instead of false when programming is false.
This makes no sense, I've tried everything, moving around true and false, changing values to not true instead of false, it makes no sense. sometimes ill get the same error message but it says it returns true instead of true when programming is true. Is this on codecademy or me?


Well, both. First of all, you have to say '===' instead of '='.

Also, I suggest not using ! for that would confuse the Codecademy, and I don't know which level this is, but it may not work to use !false or !true because it was not in the directions. :smiley: