This does not seem right

What doesn’t seem right? Do you mean your code or the hint?
The interpolation? That is because when you interpolate in JS, you need the string/words wrapped in back-ticks:

let var1 = 1;
console.log(`This is interpolation ${var1}`); //That was interpolated because it has back-ticks.
console.log("This isn't interpolated ${var1}");//Not interpolated because it had speech marks.

Or do you mean something else? Sorry if I misunderstood you.
Happy coding.


Yup. I just needed the backticks instead of quotes. good now. Thanks.

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Hi! So I also have a question, but regarding another project:
in Learn JavaScrip "Magic Eight Ball video walkthrough the first line of the end result of the output the lecturer had “Hello, $username” - i mean this line does not change when he “runs” the programme for a multiple times. Does not seem right… :thinking:

You trying to implement ‘string interpolation’ ? if so, you need {} around the variable you want to interpolate into the comment and use backticks instead of quotes.