Thinking of learning Python only


Hi guys,

I love to be so straightforward in my doings. I am searching for the best programming language to focus on.

Though, JavaScript came up to my mind, but people have done almost every finish with this.

I want something new, contribute with the growth of the world with programming, solving problems with programming.

Is Python the best language?

I learnt it is used in Machine learning, AL, robotics etc, these are the future - so is python the best for me?


There is no best language in general. Every language has its strong points and its short commings.

If you want to learn more about machine learning than python might be best for you but this does not mean it is best in all fields.

Also in my opinion its never good to put all your eggs in one basket. What i mean is only staying with python might limit what you will be capable of doing in the future.


Like @biirra said, there is no best language. However, Python is one of the most simple languages in my opinion to learn from what I’ve taken.

I’ll tell you that Python is one of the most popular languages currently if that helps.


Python is great!
I often use them to implement advanced algorithms.


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