Thinking of going Pro


For a month to see how it works out. I completed the free Java course and im curious what else can Pro offer me on this matter. Im sure it’s worth going for it but I need to know what can I find in there.


I’ve been using pro for about three months. I think it’s worth it at least until I finish all the paths. I am doing Python right now. I don’t think the intensives are worth it but I might change my mind if I am able to afford and try one. I’m looking forward to seeing how the C++ module develops. I was going to do Javascript next but I might do this one instead. I wish they had more content on shell programming.


more or less i know some of the basics. I really like how the Java course is set up. After they teach you some of the basic they put you to work but saying what to do and you have to think up the code. What I’d like to learn in future courses is how to actually build up the code for a program. Hopefully I was clear enough.


I’ve heard from Pro users that it is worth it. Here are what some people said:

I hope this helps =)

Has PRO affected lots of coders?

I enrolled to Pro and dissapointed to see there are no other Java courses, a few Python but that’s all …


If your interested in getting some Higher Level Courses I would suggest taking a program from an online college, as these are both cheap and give you a certification.


Some people like Pro more, and some people don’t. It depends what you’re going to get out of it.


I concur. Education is like an investment. Only invest in something that you feel will yield a reasonable return.


I did all the free courses before deciding to go pro. I think it is definitely worth it and couldn’t be happier. The free material was great but going pro opened up so much more to work on. You completed Java, so I will use that as an example. I think when I went to pro my Java “completeness” dropped from 100% to 26%. I think you probably did all the Java work during your free trial period but apply some percentage drop to all the courses and that’s a lot more material to work on. Going pro means you have much more to work on. There are more projects and quizzes you now have access to.
I would also recommend going beyond just Java and learning some of the other languages that are offered.
There are also projects you can work on that you can then post to github. And that’s just good fun.
You can also take a project you see in one of the other courses and go back and write it in Java if that’s really the language you want to stick to. There are a lot of great fun ideas out there.
I think codecademy PRO is definitely worth it and if you stick with it and invest some time you will be rewarded.


I currently have Pro trial, and I like it so far. I might actually get it…who knows?


That’s nice! I still wish I had Pro trial. I would love to use Pro without having to pay…


Apparently I did idd complete all Java tutorials as Pro Trial. Will complete the rest of the courses for Python and C++ and be done with it and will look elsewhere for more. Someone mentioned coursera.


I really haven’t done much of the Pro stuff yet. I will be doing more hopefully with my remaining 6 days.


That’s nice! Do take advantage of that, for you can learn a lot with Pro!


Yes mine just ended, and I started of some of the Pro courses. It was different than the free courses by probably just being more recent, and different things.


Yes. I worked on the Fashion Blog one day before Pro ended, and I din’t get it done. So the next day I go in to work on it, and it said it was Pro. Sigh…

Anyway, I’ll agree with that.


Thanks @trevorhodges

I still have 3 days, and I’m going to use them well!


Looks like I got my wish. More content on shell scripting was added.


Yes! Use them! The pro courses are great from what most people have said!


Nice! Glad you got your wish!