Thinking change my career

I am currently working for FedEx Express and thinking about change career to Front End Developer for now… What’s your tip for me to apply and type cover letter? I dont have degree but have lot of experience with coding, I invested my time to learn and practice front end web… Hope you can help me out! Thanks…


Do you have a portfolio of projects? That would be important to have, you can host them on a website for easy access.

As for the cover letter, in addition to you cs skills, you might be able to mention how your previous work skills will fit requirements (this is good for those x-factor type of skills, like communication, teamwork).

Working for FedEx may not be the most romantic job, but it is gainful employment that you should expect to maintain for at least a year or more while you develop not only the necessary skills, but also the managerial and marketing wherewithal to be able to sell your services. It is not a walk in the park for most people, least of all non-professionals. Don’t quit your day job!

I don’t have portfolio this time but I had old portfolio for long time ago… It was in like 2013… I do not have degree but have lots of experience. How can I build my portfolio?

Thank you for the tip about cover letter.

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I work FedEx Express for 8 years now… It was so great benefits, great work, etc but my body is weak and I have knee problem for a while… I can’t have surgery because of high risk (doctor told me). I have arthritis on my right knee. Twice surgery in the past, ACL which it is not fun. That’s why I am seeking for new career.


Nobody is questioning your motivation. I only express the need for gainful employment as long as you can endure. Devote your free time to learning and practicing. Garner all the information you can in the meantime with regard to how to get into the business. It may require taking a job with a development firm and sustaining that level of employment for a year or two. Again, don’t quit your day job if not absolutely forced to.

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Just do projects that highlight your skills. 4 projects that show a variety of skills should be enough.

So for example, since I’m studying flask and python, I’m making a sample website for a music teacher where his/her students can create accounts and follow the learning path that the teacher creates. The student has a virtual space to take notes, check schedule, etc.

These are also good talking points in interviews particularly when you don’t have prior professional experience (in the field). You can talk through your “process” and give the employer an idea of how you work.

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