Think I've noticed a glitch in the Matrix


Hi, I've just started doing the Interactive Website course, and the coding window looks a bit odd, like the line spacing is incredibly low? Has anyone else noticed this? I took a screen shot which I've attached, and was doing a 'try it out' exercise at the time. Cheers though, have been enjoying the courses so far!


Hi Mike,

That certainly looks odd :slight_smile:

Could you try refreshing the page or switching browsers, and let me know if that has any effect?


What Browser are you using @beat_science #web


Hi Zystvan and Amanuel,

Was using the latest version of Chrome, though have just checked on both Firefox and Opera and both also have issues from what I can see. Opera does exactly the same as Chrome, where as Firefox does the following:

. Cheers!


@beat_science what Operating System are you using? Model? Brand? Because if it is a rare one thats probably why.


27" iMac late 2009, OSX version 10.9.5. Yes, I know it's Mavericks, sound card driver issues if I upgrade to 10.11 unfortunately.


The problem is not there when I use Chrome on my work iMac (27" late 2013, OSX 10.11.4), however, that doesn't really help me at home, where I use Codecademy!


Hi, @beat_science.

I haven't actually experienced the same issues as you - just tested it on a Mavericks machine, and seemed fine to me... Maybe you should re-download the browser from the mainframe. The Chosen One probably intercepted your last download...


@beat_science i install a virtual machine if i were you.... or a online browser tester. personally prefer a virtual machine, since you have a desktop. which is great for programming.


Why not just use Remote Desktop Connector, and rent a VPS for £8 ($10) a month?


Why Even pay when you can have a Linux Virtual Machine(Or any other OS)...? FOR FREE. And you dont have to be stuck with windows(Which is in my oppinon a terrible OS For programming).