Think i may need a mentor?

Hi @coding4caledonia,

thank you for setting up this program and starting to talk about the mentoring program in this forum. I find it is a cool thing to do since it is quite hard to keep on track especially when I am doing coding alone.

So far I always book my hours after arriving home from work, 30 minutes to do the coding. Sometimes I manage and I have to admit that sometimes I don’t. There are many factors in life that can distract me from this path. So I shift these coding hours to just-before bedtime or sometime collect them and do them on a weekend.

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Hi there @guillaumeledevin
I am still at the same stage right now. Still along way from the Exam. My target is to do the exam in August… then that gives me 4 months to get the job prep from them.

My motivation can be up and down. But i have set my self a target of doing the #100daysofcode challenge on twitter to atleast finish this full stack path. I am on 16 days this time round and i am finding it is definitely helping. Also trying to record everything i have done so i can go back over it the following morning.
But sure if you ever want to chat hit me up. I am on discord JohnStewart#8403

Hi there @yoodit I have found doing the #100daysofcode challenge on twitter to be very helpful.
My target is to finish the full stack with this challenge. On day 16 this time and i am definitely finding alot better this time around.
In my full time job i try to do a quiz or read something while i am on my breaks. Every chance i can find. Saturdays is my day on no code to refresh(I still do some :wink:).
Again if you want to chat… hit me up on my discord

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@coding4caledonia #100daysofcode sounds interesting to me. I have been doing like 15 minutes sprint during my coding time but never thought about doing sprint challenge. I will give it a go! thank you for your advice.

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Its definitely helped me. I couldn’t keep to a routine. I would get to say day 7 or that and then not bother. But now its turned into a habit. Doesn’t matter how long just doing a wee bit ever day will always make progress…

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I think I need a mentor because I’m stuck in a project which have a solution given by CodeAcademy but I don’t want to look the solution. I search some people in the community who can explain me what should I do for my work looks like the final solution. Also, I created a GITHUB account. Is there someone who can help me please ?

Could you give a bit more information? What course/path are you stuck on?


Sorry for the delay of my answer because I work very hard in my daily work.

No need to apologize – that’s why codecademy is asynchronous: we study however we can, whenever we can. I’m not a person that can help you with websites, but what I would recommend is asking a detailed question about what you’re struggling with in a new topic in the help category of this forum (this link will take you to the correct location: .

My posting your own question in a new topic people will see it and respond to it. Otherwise, this is a very old post that was looking for a different answer than you need, so you won’t likely get your solution.

Good luck!

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Thanks for this information. I’m Learning for buider my website! Gamersinfo

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