Think i may need a mentor?

I am currently doing a full stack course through ITcareer switch in the UK. Included on the course is basically codecademy pro, however they aren’t very good at keeping me motivated. Can’t seem to keep to a schedule which is driving me up the wall!

Any advice on scheduling would be absolutly amazing. I work full time during the week, then having 2 toddlers its insane… anyway that was my sob story.


Hey @coding4caledonia

I’ll cover scheduling first.

The schedule is your lifeline. Whatever progress you make is simply an act of planning, scheduling, and executing, where executing being the most important part. What I would advise you is to either a) try to wake up 1 hour earlier (when toddlers are still sleeping) or b) go to sleep 1 hour later (when toddlers fall asleep).

Now, depending on your current schedule you may or may not be able to do what I mentioned above. If you’re unable to do either, what you can do is you can try to fit programming into your daily life by blocking at least 25 minutes to completely focus on coding, ideally block all distractions including putting your phone on airplane mode if you’re able to.

What will help you is to plan tomorrow today, so when you wake up you’re not wondering what you should do but instead you’ll just execute on what you have already scheduled.

What I found works well for many parents is that they optimize the heck out of the weekend. That’s where you can make some solid progress. The best practice is to do the hard things first in the morning. Let’s say wake up earlier and code for 2-3 hours straight, or do the same at night.


The main thing you want to find out is why are you doing this.

Is it because you want to be a better father and provide for your family?

Is it because you want your children to have a better life than you have right now?

Is it because you want to finally do something that you like or that makes you money?

Find your why and keep reminding yourself why you started each time you are feeling down or feeling like you don’t want to do the work.

You’re the one who is responsible for your life. There’s no magic pill. It’s hard but it’s worth it.

Each day you have a choice to be better than you were yesterday. Even if it’s just 15 minutes of coding.

Motivation will only take you so far, what you need is a discipline of doing the work and building a habit. How to build a habit? Here’s a simple framework:

  1. Set an action ( I want to code )
  2. Do the action ( code )
  3. Reward yourself (go on a walk, drink coffee or tea, or do anything that makes you feel good)

With this, you will literally program your mind into doing the hard things and it will become exponentially easier each time you do it until it becomes effortless and enjoyable.

Remember as you start to walk out on the way, the way appears. The mentor will appear if the student is ready.

Good luck my friend.


Great advice. Thank you for putting the time to type all that. I will certainly Try these things :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @coding4caledonia, I’m also doing the full stack course on here if you’d like to study buddy-up? Basically could just send each other what we’re working on or such along the way. Can sometimes be helpful to have someone to discuss things with/get inspired by/have a bit of healthy competition with (I’m currently a professional musician and exploring coding as a supplement to/change of my career, so I have a bit of experience in how to motivate myself to get things done on my own…!)


That would be great! I have been doing computing for the last 2 and half years.
Done a 2 year course part time at college which i done pretty great at i must admit… with full time job 2 kids being born during it… i honestly do not know how i done it

Always been into coding and i want to work in some capacity in the future as after 13 years in a warehouse for pretty much near minimum wage my back is near breaking :joy:

Anyway yeah my mission is to get a job in programming and be able to afford a proper future for my boys.

So yeh it would be good to keep each other motivated.


Just going to say, this sort of interaction is awesome. :partying_face:


Thank you! It is amazing how in programming that everyone wants to help each other :blush:


Hi, I also need a mentor.
Just started to learn about code but have so many questions…

You’re in the UK, you should look at an apprenticeship. If you get a good one you’ll be on more money than you are now. You’ll get real world experience and training, so even if you drop out/ don’t get a job at the end you’ll be better placed to get a junior Dev job. Might be a bit late for this year’s apprenticeships though, but worth a look.

It seems to be a really over looked route for some reason. Don’t get me wrong the training can be hit or miss but you’ll still get real world experience for the CV.

In all but a few cases you’ll be in a better position than trying to self learn and building a portfolio because unless what you build gets big and prepares you for working in an enterprise environment you’ll probably be overlooked for someone that does. Also you can still self learn and do a portfolio while doing an apprenticeship.

I may be able to help, it depends what you would be expecting.

I am into mobile development.
Is that something you are familiar with? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, I don’t know objective C, Swift or Java either. I do know JavasScript, Python and C# though, so if you was going to do a HTML 5 App, React Native or do it in Xamarin with C# then I may be able to help. But the help would be more language based than mobile based.

I also know how to do git, Azure’s CI/CD and back end of you want to do a Web API for the app. But hopefully someone who actually know mobile dev will be able to offer mentoring.

I am also interested in Xamarin, just doing some C# exercises.
Where are you from?

I’m from the UK… Character limit.

I do need any help I can get …

Feel free to drop me a pm with any questions, code reviews, advice, etc. I may have time for some pair programming at points or whatever you might feel you need.

Thinking about it, do you need a certain amount of posts / badge to pm? Maybe try.

Well yes, because I can’t send any PM just comment on posts. Can you please send me a PM?

I know HTML,CSS,Javascript,MVC design pattern,a little bit of Python,Git,Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design,can do a full stack app with Mongo Express and Node,Can create React class based components,also know a little bit about hooks.Did a 3 months Analyst Job at multinational.Learnt during the last 7 years.Now I just wanna complete MERN stack and finding absolutely zero motivation to go on for the remaining 10% journey.I am totally stuck and also suffering from depression.So finding motivation is hard due to low emotions.I need a supportive mentor as I can only go so far alone.Can anyone please help me!!!

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Hi as you are a professional musician I am trying to find supprotive people who can help me with motivation playing guitar.I have an acoustic guitar and an Electric guitar.I was recently learing Alice Cooper Poison solo and Hotel california.I know I can master them if I put in some practice but I need some help as to develop regular guitar practice.Can you help me.And why are you changing career.Is it that being professional musician not rewarding.I have great dreams about it.Any help would be great.My parents dont give a ■■■■ about my guitar playing.Thats why the low motivation.

Hi @coding4caledonia
I am also sound the full stack course through IT career switch. I am very interested where are you now in the training. Did you finish your training? Did the company find a job for you?
We could motivate each other if you want…