These new lessons and their 'fill in the blanks' approach to teaching isn't helping

Sorry if this is off-topic but I have a real problem with the new Codecademy lessons. I real feel they aren’t teaching anything as they are just asking for information to be regurgetated. The old lessons would ask you to type out all of the code on the page and it would do it’s best to evaluate your code. These new lessons simply ask you to fill in the blanks and I’m sorry but a monkey could do that. I don’t mean to sound harsh and I SERIOUSLY APPRECIATE THIS FREE SERVICE but I don’t feel I am learning anything here. I’m certain there were a lot of bugs and error with the old way of doing things that lead to user frustration and having to type everything out is tedious but it’s the only way to learn. Muscle memory needs to be developed in order to know what to write without having the answer printed to the screen on the left. It would be another thing entirely if I could play around with the code after I filled in the blanks and see if I got it right but you can’t even do that because you have to type every string verbatim, and name every variable verbatim what the site named it. That simply isn’t possible so you just error out if you try to retype everything. I really wish Codecademy would go back to the old way of providing the lessons. Note: I am not a programmer, I am still very early in my learning stages here but I did want to see what others thought about this.

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