There's no Run button. Kelvin Weather


I’m at step 10/12 for the kelvin weather project. There is no run button. I’ve been looking for hours. The save button doesn’t run the code either.


The save button should run the code, maybe refresh the page? You can always use sites like jsbin or jsfiddle if you have trouble like this in the lesson


Thank you so much for responding. I’ve tried jsfiddle and still no luck. Is this because I’m using a chromebook? Refreshing doesn’t do anything on jsfiddle or codecademy.


no, its because you never log anything to console. On line 9, you assign a new value to log method of console object.

to call the method to console.log("value to log"), don’t use an equal sign, this will cause to assign value to log


Wow. All this grief over a tiny thing like that. I guess you shouldn’t code when you’re tired! Thank you so much! That resolved the issue in codecademy as well.


yep, sometimes a problem be small, this is why programming is mentally exhausting, and a task which shouldn’t be performed while tired.

I will go back to my own problem now :frowning: unless you have a further question?


nope! Thank you so much! Good luck on your problem!


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