There's a New Idea For Teens? No Way! (Pt.1)

Yes, way actually. Coding and gaming programming has significantly influenced the lives of teens today, and not just through Fortnite. Social media apps, blogs all play a major role in our lives and influence a lot of our beliefs and overall, lifestyles. Coding offers teens to open their minds up to innovation, and relate what they experience in the outside world to the language of computers. For this reason, I believe the innovation and development of technology is a subject that most teens should know. From my personal experience however, I like to work at my own pace, and use my prior knowledge so that I am able to learn at full capacity. I like to experiment and work with others as well, to build collaboration. Being a coder should be more than just “memorizing Syntax” or “the mindset of programming”, according to the Firehose Project, a website dedicated to coding and real-world application of coding. However, not all of the courses on CodeCademy offer this, which is why I would like to use this post to make a difference in the lives of teen coders, and to petition to introduce a course made specifically for teens that combines their knowledge with the outer world, and the world of coding. Part 2 will be here soon, this is just an introduction, as I’d like to see what you think of the idea, fellow coders! Comment below and include any feedback/questions/any concerns you may have at all, my ears are open and fingers are at the computer all day learning, so you’ll get your answer in just the tap of a few letters, soon. Thank you for reading my post and I hope you were able to learn my perspective on coding as a teen, and how this knowledge can be used to better the education of others in the community. I know that CodeCademy recently offered a program tailored to post- secondary-level students, but there’s no whiff of innovation, collaboration, or any principals being introduced to appeal to high school students. So, volia this here is the result.