There's a New Idea For Teens? No Way!: Course Outline (Pt.2)

So, I recently made a part 1 of this series with the same title so here’s the second part. Just going to throw around a few ideas here and there of what a course for teens would look like if it ever was designed: Based on my experience with the Code Foundations pathway, I think one of the first lessons should be where users can find information on what to expect as well as different goals that they will be achieving. I chose the Code Foundations Path to base my example off of , because it’s one of the most introductory paths, which is what I’m aiming for this to be. A long with the introduction, as short lesson or 2 can be included that has the user can use to understand what coding is, with another on different people in history who have made breakthroughs in the industry and shaped what we know about coding and it’s application today. To further reinforce these concepts, the content will be spaced out in chapters/ sections that will improve collaboration, and more. I will space out more of the content, but what I’d really like to see is people being able to work together more, and be taught not only theoretically, but in a more hands on nature, that will improve the overall ability to find an identity and cultivate a space dedicated for such a mission, will help empower each other. Just my topic on a few things, don’t even know if this will be considered at all, but I like writing about this idea anyways, so any feedback/questions/comments, are welcome!