There should be show solution even when you get the answer right

when i get answer right, I want to compare to see how they did it if I did something different and if their’s is a better way etc.

for me to do this i always have to copy and past my answer, reset the clipboard/exercise, get the answer wrong to then finally see solution. please please add the ability to show solution.

Please include a link to the lesson and course you’re referring to.

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this happens for any lesson. when you get answer right, there is no button for “view solution”. it is only when you get it wrong once (then you get concept review button) then wrong a second time.

In most exercises (not all), there is a “Get Unstuck” button above the editor. Clicking it results in a drop-down menu being displayed. From the menu, you can select “Solution → Get Code Solution”. Then you have the option to keep your code OR replace your code with the provided solution.


thank you very much !!

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I was gonna suggest that the view solution button only pops up after three unsuccessful runs. Now if there are 5 steps the view solution pops up by step three regardless of successful /unsuccessful runs.