There seems to be a bug at 5/6


Hello community!
This is actually the second time I am facing that problem, where it tells me, I should put some text between the tags.
Even after doing the "copy/paste" of the inital post 1/6 it still didn't let me proceed to the next part.

Changing the browser solved this problem. However, I prefer to work with Firefox and would like to keep working on FF without having to change browser whenever I face that "link task".
Since, working with another browser slows down everything for me when I am on codecademy except on Firefox.

Which browser is everyone using here?


If you haver persistent problems on firefox, it might be a good idea to close your browser, clear the cache, and open the browser again.

All exercise should work in firefox perfectly fine, sometimes you hit a glitch, and then you just need to switch another browser temporarily, after that you should be good to switch back.Most of the times refreshing the page could also do miracles