There is a error in github course, please help me

hi guys!
I am learning github course, in the redzone, even though I have cloned the science-quizzes repository, but the my-quizzes directory is empty? Please help me fix this

Could you link the lesson this is based on? If you use the shell on the right hand side to check the contents of my-quizzes e.g. with ls does it still show it as empty?

i dont underdstand what you said

For this lesson could you copy paste a link to it (the address), e.g. etc. etc.

On the right hand side of the screen there is a blackish screen with a single tab saying bash and a $ for the basic prompt. If you use this terminal to navigate to the my-quizzes directory like in the instructions with cd and list the contents of this directory with ls does it show any files?

I dont know How to Check if a File Exists in Directory or not by command prompt
but i can use the command " cd my-quizzes"

Sorry, there’s a bash command, ls, which is used to list the directory contents.

From that link (lesson 5) if I change to the my-quizzes directory with cd and then use ls to list the contents of the current directory I get the following output-

I did it, thanks for your wonderful help!
i am a Vietnamese not english native speaker

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