There are some BUGs I think

  1. HTML Basics II/ 8 9 10
    font size that bellow 12px is all automatically considered to 12px.
    this problem related to 8,9 and 10.

  2. HTML Basics II/ 14
    Can’t pass this part, and seems nothing wrong with my coding :joy:
    Bold the word ‘sing’ on line 7.
    Bold the word ‘too’ on line 8.

    Do you hear the people sing?

    No I don't. I'm toobusy eating cake.

I really like Codecademy and want to learn coding here! but since I need to pay for the pro if I want to complete the whole course, I don’t want to have bug problems that might lead trouble with coding!




Please check your zoom and make sure it’s on 100%

This problem is in your browser, your browser has a minimum font-size setting. Which makes everything below 12px makes it 12px

Do a google search: disable minimum font-size chrome