There are a lot of people taking this course right now!

Every time i try to start my sql lesson i get an error message “There are a lot of people taking this course right now!” how could i proceed?

Usually that message means what it says. Have you tried at different times of the day, on several different days?

i have been trying for weeks and still get the exact same message !!

I’m copying this from a Reddit message from a month or so ago.

If you haven’t once been able to get on, but see that error every time, it means that some of our sites are blocked on your firewall/proxy.

Please whitelist these URLs and you should be good to go:

yup u are right ! some of those sites are blocked at my place, will try another place and keep u posted !

Have you been able to start the course?

yes i was able to start it, some of the blocked sites in the proxy server was the culprit !!
I would appreciate if the application showed a more meaningful error message !!

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Thanks for your help and support

Hi, I went into Chrome Settings > Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings…, went to Security, and added all of those sites to my Trusted sites zone, but it still gives me that error.

Please visit the Help page

I did, and it told me to comment on the forums.

Hmm, well that’s interesting. Hopefully someone else has a suggestion then.

Hey ,If you don’t mind can you tell How to whitelist the URLs ? and where do i find blocked sites ?

Sorry for the delayed answer, I missed seeing your question until just now. I don’t know the answer to this but I’m pretty sure that it is going to depend on your firewall setup, which will depend on your operating system, there may even be browser specific settings.

If you post your setup someone may be able to point you in the right direction.