The wheel continues to go but nothing happens


Can not continue because wheel does not stop turning.>
I'm on "what you are building" and can not continue because it does not work. I have close the window and re-oppenes it a few times and it kips happening.

Replace this line with your code.




gets is the Ruby method that gets input from the user.
so here it's asking you to put a value to it.

press Enter


You I do not understand, I have to write gets at the end?


gets prompts the user for input. See the output window, you are prompted for input. You have to type something and press enter to satisfy gets

If you can't type in the output window, click the output window with the mouse


thank you


great!!!! I got it!! Much appreciated!!
Now, I did not get the las sentence.. just
Your name is and you're from , !
Is that correct?



if you type your first name, last name and so on in the prompt, this should show in the string you print on line 21. If you just hit enter without typing, #{first_name} will just be an empty string


i did put my f #{first_name} and last an everything, but in the variable it says first_name = gets.chomp
What does that mean?


So, you made some prompts to ask the user (you in this case) for some input. You store this input in variables. Then you print a string with the information the user entered

So what you enter in the prompt, shows in the string you print on line 21

when you are prompted (claudia), try entering your first name, see what happens


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