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Are there websites out there that use only HTML and not CSS?

I am not sure, it is something that could easily be done, and I would imagine someone out there has, but the overall look of CSS makes it something that almost all websites have.

Without it, the website looks to plain to really attract attention.

You could also end up finding someone who uses inline CSS instead of another CSS file, but this is still using CSS.

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Thank you @8-bitgaming! That makes sense, people have probably done it.

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Websites from the 90’s that are still out there, probably. But it’s rare.

I know of one, though. HTML-only.

Careful, though. Explicit content (strong language).

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Trust me, as someone who remembers the web of the 90s, HTML-only websites were perfectly capable of grabbing your attention. :smiley:


How times have changed…