The 'Until' loop



there is a bug in the "not passed" commentaries when the correct "counter == 10" has been wrongly typed as "counter <= 10". In such case, the commentaries complain about counter having not been incremented, which is not the case ("counter += 1" is correctly typed in line 5).

Could you please correct this to give better clues to the coder for him to find its mistake within line 2 (instead of line 5)?

Thank you


So, this is the default code in the exercise:

counter = 1
until counter __ 10
  puts counter
  # Add code to update 'counter' here!

And we need to... [see comments for explanation]

counter = 1
until counter > 10 #fill this gap with greater than
  puts counter
  counter +=1 #increment counter.


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