The universal selector


Hello !

My problem is in the course Basic CSS structur and syntax-->the universal selector-->part 6/9.
it asks : " In style.css, add the universal selector. Inside of the selector's body, set the font-family to Georgia. "

I do that.


h1, h2, p {

h1, h2 and p are in the before step (3;4/9 if i remember correctly).

An error message appear : " Did you change the font of all elements to Helvetica? "

So my question is: where is my error ?

thank you.


Does not look like it. You have the font-family on the body.

* {
    font-family: Georgia;


The- font-family:georgia; - should be in the universal code. Like this:



ok, but it continues to tell me :" Did you change the font of all elements to Helvetica? "
what's the problem ?
thank you for your first reply !


That is a different step, is it not? The step has us set the font-family on P elements to Helvetica?

The lesson has us do some changes as we go, and the page needs to be refreshed after each step to be sure the code is intact.


It tells me now:"Did you change the font of all elements to Georgia?"


This would appear to be an even earlier step. It's not too late to reset the exercise and start over.


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