The Title thingie


i am puting in the title but on the right side no matter how many times i ,,run'' it, the only thing that's showing is the body

Replace this line with your code.


We won't see the title since the lesson interface is in an iframe (an html shell embedded in the main page HTML). The title for the main page is what shows in the browser tab (or title bar).

The <title></title> element is the most important element in a web page from a standpoint of search engines. In a production page it will nearly exactly describe the page in under 64 characters. The corresponding element that the user will see in the page body is the top level heading, <h1></h1>. These two should match fairly closely since they describe the same thing... The page.

Placement of the TITLE element is also important. It should be as close to the top of the <head></head> element as possible.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>The Ideal Place to Position a TITLE Element</title>
  <h1>Where to place the TITLE element in HTML</h1>
  <p>As illustrated above, the second line, after the character encoding 
     declaration, is the ideal position of the TITLE element</p>


where did you learn that line and what does it do?


Here is a SERP of pages on W3C's site...

The HEAD element contains data that is used by the browser in the background, referred to as meta data. The user does not see this data, but the user agent does. HTML that contains character data outside of the normal ASCII 128 characters needs to be encoded so the browser can render the correct characters to the screen. UTF-8 is the most common encoding in web pages.


oh okay thanks for the clarifaction


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