The three Boolean operators &&, ||, and!

it said to use all three operators. So I did this way can anyone please tell me what is wrong with the code that i put in on line 4

public class Precedence {
public static void main(String args) {

LINE 4 boolean riddle( = !(true)( 1 < 8 || true) (5 > 2 && 3 < 5));



No expression can begin with, ‘=’. I will stop here.

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thank you very much. i was really stuck with this one

how is that problem wrote out I tried it allot of ways ???

Please post a link to the exercise. Thank you.

how do i link that exercise ???

Go to the exercise page, copy the URL from the location bar and paste it in your post.

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sorry, need help with boolean operator ’ or ’
where is the symbol of ( or ) in the keyboard ?

That depends on what keyboard you use. But unless you’re like me, using a completely blank keyboard, or one where they keys don’t match what they output, then it’s probably painted on there and you just have to look. Otherwise google - mention the type of keyboard you use, presumably QWERTY and your country and and add “vertical bar”

or “vertical pipe”. We need to type two of these, side by side to form ||.

hello mtf ,I’m stuck with this exercise too, and I don’t know how is it work.

here is the new topic xavz made, please use this topic