The Third Python Project

Hi all,

This is may third pyhton Project (Data Science Career Path).

Could you please take a look ?

good work!
It’s good that you put comments in your code; helps you think through what you’re doing and/or telling someone else your thought processes.

I was wondering though, in the 3rd function, you already have the cost and method defined above the if elif else, why not return those (cost method) rather than the string in the return statement? Also, maybe put the print statement inside the function. So, when you call the function, you’re just adding the weight argument.
Ex: print(print_best_choice_ship(4.8))

Thank you for the tip !

I will implement and test again.

New link:

I really tried to restrict the use of print statements within functions, but I couldn’t. In the end, I ended up having to keep the return of values + strings in the third function. Could you please show me a practical example of how to implement the ideas you gave me? Thanks in advance !