The terminal emulator won't load


My terminal emulator won't open. Can you help me fix this problem. I have tried changing my browser and it still doesnt load. Also, i tried reseting the exercise but it said: "Could not restore Workspace". All suggestions are welcome.
Thank You

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I'm having the same problem. :frowning:


@promeris @objectjumper80987 try:
- Refreshing the page
- Clearing your browser's cache
- Restarting your browser
- Checking your VPN/Proxy settings
- Using another browser


Neither of them worked, but thank you. I think there is a problem inside codecademy, even people in sql are having trouble with their workspace.


I think it's likely due to the amount of people using the courses now. Another option:
- try again later :slight_smile:


Glad to know that I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I was on early today but have been trying for the past hour and a half with no success in accessing the code editor.

I'm sure the folks at Codecademy are on it and will provide an update. :v:


Sooooooo do we have any updates regarding the Code Editor not working?


I have the same problem, in both Safari and Chrome.


Looks like the folks at Codecademy posted the following message on the class you're having issues with:

We're experiencing technical issues with certain courses right now. If you notice that you're unable to connect to a course, please try a different course or come back at a later time.


Yep, because these are the courses that have trouble handling too many people at once.


Get out of my course people!!!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:




have same Problem :slight_smile: ><


It is working again, go try it now . Happy learning !


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