THE TEA COZY - Sharing my Finished Project. Code Review Please!

I finished the Tea Cozy Flexbox Project and would love some code review feedback/comments. I added additional CSS and personal styling choices to upgrade the overall look. I also added some hover animation. Thanks!



Hey David

Wow! Seriously Impressed. Good Job.
Can I ask to look at your code? I’m a beginner and no where near the level you’re at, so I’m not sure what I can add.
But I would love to look anyways.



Hi Shona! Thanks so much. Absolutely! Do you have a GitHub account? If so, just find me at Davidkrem and you can see my code for this TEA COZY project. Feel free to ask me any questions.


Hi David!

I could also look at your code if you want! Is there anything you want me to take a closer look at?


Hi Elizabeth!

Feel feel to let me know whatever comes to mind. At the time of making this site, I didn’t know flex or that much grid, so the page doesn’t do so well responsively(@medias ect). I will fix that when I have more time. Happy to code review your work as well when available. Thanks