The system keeps telling me the 'lloyd' is not in the list


The system report that 'lloyd' is not in the students list.

The system message is 'Oops, try again. It looks like Lloyd is not in the students list. '

My list is 'students = ['lloyd', 'alice', 'tyler']'
Can anyone helps me on it?

Replace this line with your code.


Hi @netmaster12064 ,

The variables, lloyd, alice, and tyler, all need to be in the list. If you have ...

students = ['lloyd', 'alice', 'tyler']

... , then you have three strings in the list, instead. The quotes delimit them as strings.


Can you please give me a right version?


Hi, @netmaster12064 ,

If you remove the quotes, you will have the correct assignment statement.


the names you put (lloyd etc) were strings because they had quotation marks

students = ['lloyd','alice,'tyler']

students = [lloyd,alice,tyler]


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