The Success Message Engine

Hey guys,

please find attached my first portfolio project:

I really enjoyed building the program and learning to use VS Code and GitHub.

I am looking forward to getting my first feedback - BETTER TOGETHER.



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Hallo, from Slovakia @pwagner_de! :smiley:

I usually encourage people at this stage to create a solid README but yours is near perfect. Well done!

And the fact that you used Ray Dalio’s book is absolutely amazing. I love that book. Also, the 16personalities helped me to learn a ton about myself and others. ( Typical INTJ )

Other than that I’ve always been interested in sleep, I just bought the “Why we sleep book” from Matt Walker and researching the “Oura ring” so I can reach better performance. Overall I love tech and business - currently reading the blue ocean strategy and lean startup. So I can see you’re doing some amazing things out there.

It’s great that you’re learning to code. Keep going!

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