The Story So Far...Hashing me off


Good Morning All,

I seem to have gotten myself into a pickle on what should seemingly be ridiculously simple. And I fear its a really rather simple mistake at my end, but I currently can not get passed this.

So the task is to create a new Hash, using either Hash Literal or HCN.

Now, I have stumbled to the point that I'm even copying the example and still getting syntax errors? Please help.

Create a hash called my_hash using whichever method you prefer. (We happen to like the hash literal notation.)

My Code(s)

new_hash = { "one" => 1 }


new_hash =

I keep getting the error - "Did you create a variable called my_hash? "

Many Thanks


Hi you called your Hash new_hash instead of my_hash


I love it how easy it is to read the same instruction over and over again and miss something so simple.

Thanks you for the help though!