The site stuck


a bug

The link

i'm doing the exercise, like the instructions, and every time i'm trying to save and submit the site stucks and not reacts.
what should i do?

this is my code, but it's not relevant...

for (var i = 5; i < 51; i + 5) {

Plaese help me


your i+5 should be i+=5


@exlibrischimex is right, i + 5 will just temporary add 5 to i, it won't update i as we can see here:

i = 5
console.log(i) // 5
console.log(i + 5) // 10
console.log(i) // 5
i += 5
console.log(i) // 10


You're right, but it doesn't check my code at all, it just stucks..
it's a bug, i don't know what to do about it


well, infinity loops are difficult to prevent, did you solve it?


Yes right now I've tried and the problem has solved. thanks.


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