The Share Button

Hello, everybody :slight_smile:

I read I should be able to share a project directly from my project page on CodeCademy (and I saw the share button on a video), but I don’t see it at the bottom of my project page.
Is there maybe a way to add it?

Thanx in advance,


I think it’s only available on certain steps of certain lessons, projects within courses and in workspaces

Thank you for your reply, but in my workspace it doesn’t appear either.
It doesn’t matter, anyway, I’ll find another solution to share , thanx :slight_smile:

Ok I can look for you and come back when I find one

Unfortunately I am not able to find any info on how to share

You can share a project via a GitHub link.

And, I don’t think that button is available for every project on CC.

I found a link to this article on the forum in the Number Guesser project:

And thus I shared via a GitHub link, like this:

I don’t know if there is a group on GitHub when people can post codecademy project (actually I never used GitHub before, except to fork something before I understand how to use it…).

Thanx for your help, I just need practice.