The second parameter of int - a little confused


print int("11001001",2)

"When given a string containing a number and the base that number is in, the function will return the value of that number converted to base ten."
this means that "11001001"210 this what is meant by int please explain i been trin' to get this or
the exercise mean "11001001"**2/10 or what just explain it to me
please answer me quick i am like trin' to understand


It doesn't return a number represented in base 10. It returns an int. int is stored as base2, because that's how our computers work. You can print an int, when you do, it is printed in base 10.


please read


What is it in that link that you want me to read? I'm not seeking any particular information and I don't know which particular information, if any, you think I need.


I got it thanks very very much


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