The 'save & submit code' button don't responsive


I finished the One selector to rule them all section at CSS selectors. Everything done right. After I press the 'save & submit code' button, but nothing happens. Some times later the button has a cogwheal inside.

Is that a browser or security issue? What can I do?

Thanks and best regards,


Your css should look like this:

* {
    border: 1px dashed;
    color: #3A5FCD;

I've tried it in both Chrome and Firefox. Also, you should post what you have written.


Hey there!

If you know that your code is correct yet it doesn't let you pass, my suggestion is you copy the code, refresh the page, and paste the code in again. This method generally works. Good Luck!


Thanks for all. Have a nice day tirdas and jibblyi too!